My narcissistic YouTube self

I don’t think anyone is denying that all of this social media is producing hoards of rampant narcissists.

I like to insist that this isn’t happening to me – but I also accept that I am living in denial.

The one thing that I always try to do, however, is to present an honest view of myself on social media.  I like to share my failures for the entertainment of my friends and family.  After all, what is the point of life if not to laugh at ourselves?

Don’t get me wrong though.  I, like every other human being, usually choose my most flattering photos as profile pictures.  But I like to balance it out by posting the occasional monstrosity.  I feel like this keeps it from being an absolute lie.

Some of my favourite historical profile pictures have includes these beauties…



I don’t exactly know what my point is here.

I guess I just wanted to try and convince myself that I am not vain.  After spending the last half an hour compiling a collection of short videos of my own face in order to create a trailer for my YouTube channel, I started to feel rather narcissistic.

The whole process of having a YouTube channel feels very egotistical.  “Up yourself”, if you will.  Let’s be realistic though – when I am editing my own videos, why wouldn’t I select shots where I have slightly less of a double chin?  Unless the more unflattering angle is decidedly more entertaining, that is.

But maybe it’s wrong to feel bad for being narcissistic?

Maybe I should just accept that I, like the hoards of youths strewn across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and whatever else, am a flagrant narcissist.

Maybe I should just learn to live with it.

Until I die of starvation when I am unable to tear myself away from my own reflection, that is.  (Just wanted to point out that this is a clever reference to the story of Narcissus from Greek Mythology.  I’m not actually dying of starvation.)


Anyway, here is my new channel trailer.  Not that my tiny “I make dumb videos as a hobby” channel needs a trailer.  But each to his own…


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