Dumb solution to a simple problem.

I had a “Miss Muffet” moment today at work.

I wasn’t exactly eating any curds & whey – but a spider made a genuine attempt to sit down beside me.

This cheeky spider was hanging on a strand of spider web right by my shoulder, and I happen to dislike it when creepy crawlies try to get all up in my grill.

I’m not a supporter of the senseless murder of spiders (especially given that none of the ones in this country are poisonous), but I also don’t need them to be around me.  This spider was threatening to sit on my shoulder, and I was having none of it!

I decided that my best course of action would be to grab the can of Sprayduster that was sitting conveniently within arm’s reach and give the spider a quick spray with it.  It turned out that this was not the “best” course of action, as I had previously thought.

It was, in actual fact, the worst course of action.

Because Sprayduster is essentially a can of pressurised air, the only result of my action was that the spider was blown a short distance away from me.

This was immediately followed by the spider at the end of its web swinging right back at me.  Straight towards my face.

In all honesty I should have seen this coming.  Even children know that if you swing something on a string, it will swing back.  This is basic Newtonian physics; and it’s also just basic common sense.

Yet, I was surprised.

So I reacted with all the flair and drama that is usually expected of me.  I shrieked.  I threw my arms up into the air.  And I threw myself back in my chair – which, were it not on wheels, would have toppled right over.  Luckily, it being a wheelie chair, I just scooted backwards a short distance and rebounded off a perilously stacked bookcase.

Luckily a co-worker arrived on scene to deal with the issue and to relocate the spider outside.

And thus, my façade of cool, calm, and collectedness did return.

The moral of today’s story is that one should never spray a spider with an air duster.


Feel free to take a moment to enjoy these accurate depictions I have created of the scenario….


spider swing.png


spider face

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