Hunched Old Lady – #travelinspo

I guess that it’s fair to say that I kind of enjoy travelling.

Most people do.

This is not interesting information.

I definitely love going on adventures.  There’s no doubt about that part.

One thing that has always bewildered me, however, is the process that people go through in order to decide where they are going to go.  For me, there are just too many options and I find it hard to narrow it down.

One could argue that the gentle curve of a Big Mac bun is reminiscent of the dome-shaped roof on the Pantheon…

The last time I really, truly, desperately, wanted to visit a place was when I saw this picture floating around on the internet…

For some reason there seemed to be something absolutely ridiculous about having an ancient building like the Pantheon survive for 2,000 years, and then plonking a McDonald’s down next to it.

I found it fascinating, and for a while visiting this McDonald’s was the only item on my bucket list.  I wanted to go there and snapchat the Pantheon from inside the McDonald’s.  I had decided that the only way to properly desecrate this ancient site was to truly engage in such outrageously modern activities right outside its doors.

But then again, I have always been inspired by the ridiculous.

Nothing drives me to do things quite like having no real reason to do them.

When I finally got to see the Pantheon, I was heartbroken to find that the McDonald’s had departed the Piazza quite some time before my arrival.  Thus, my Bucket List was destined never to be fulfilled.

But all was not lost!

It may have taken a few years, but inspiration has struck again!

This week at work, while I was in the midst of updating our Puppy Preschool notes, I found myself scouring the depths of Adobe’s Stock Image database.  In order to find the exact image that I needed to portray a point on puppy socialisation, I was using the highly scientific and politically correct search phrase “hunched old lady”.

Quite unexpectedly, there were only a few pictures of women with stooped shoulders — most of the results returned pictures of a mysterious stone bridge.

The mystery bridge was old, arched, and nestled amidst some stunning rural scenery.  The picturesque photographs alone would be enough to make anyone wast to visit, but my motivation is based more in perplexity.

I enjoy being perplexed.

I enjoy being mildly confused and moderately confounded.

I enjoy things that bring an amusing amount of mystery to life, and a bunch of photographs that aren’t of a “hunched old lady” are apparently enough to do that.

Like any sensible person would do, I resolved then and there that I absolutely must visit this mystery bridge.

Had the bridge in any way resembled an elderly lady with postural issues, I might have been less interested in visiting.  If the bridge was affectionately termed “the hunched old lady” by locals, then I would be far less intrigued and I would have brushed it off as ‘just another pretty picture’.  If I could, in any way, justify why so many pictures of this bridge showed up in my search I would have been less interested in going.  For some reason, this confusion has awoken in me a need to go and investigate the bridge for myself.

Luckily, it turns out that finding out where a picture was taken is pretty easy, thanks to the magic of Google’s Reverse Image Search feature — an important life skill that I picked up from MTV’s Catfish.

So now I am chuffed to announce that I will one day be heading to Modigliana, Italy with the express purpose of visiting The Humpback Bridge of San Donato.  This will, of course, occur in the very distant future due to an extreme lack of funds on my part.

Instagram may be the number 1 source of #travelinspo (a statistic that I just invented) – but I apparently prefer to draw travel inspiration from life’s perplexities.  What better way to start a holiday than with a failed image search for a hunched old lady?

My only regret is that my search for a “tall hairy man” returned no such amusingly scenic results.

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 11.50.38 pm.png
Search result sample
Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 11.52.08 pm.png
I like to tag all of my photos of bridges with “hump” and “humpback”




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