More stuff that I did on Saturday night….

I did some things on Saturday night that were not overly exciting, but were also a little unusual. They were especially unusual for me to be doing considering I was also supposed to be socialising and making merry.

You can read about them here if you want to.

But I have a few further insights into what I was trying to achieve with my life.
Since Saturday, I have found a bunch of tabs open in my iPhone browser. All of them contained some sort of course or application that I was busily working my way through.

The following is a select few  examples…
Apparently I decided that I would like to enrol in a course that would allow me to become a Dog Psychologist. Luckily my card would have very readily declined, assuming I did try to actually pay for the course…





Apparently I decided that I would like to be officially ordained, just in case any of my friends might need to conduct an emergency wedding ceremony…



Unbeknownst to me, my other self (the one who has had beverages) has an interest in Gemstones and jewellery making and I tried to enrol to study at the Gemstone Institute of America…



And perhaps most disconcertingly of all, I decided that I was interested in taking the examination to join the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners…


I don’t know whether this means that I consider myself an expert in lactation (which I am not. Not under any circumstances.), or whether it means I would be examining the people who are Lactation Consultants. Or Consulting the Lactation Examiners??


Either way, this is definitely the strangest thing that I did not realise I had done on Saturday.


As an update to my last post, I will also add this:

None of my applications for jobs in Korea went through. But this is totally not my fault.

Turns out the website is completely bung.

It also proved exceedingly difficult to delete my KakaoTalk account. Mostly because I could not remember my password.

And finally, I gravely insulted my good friend’s new girlfriend with a poorly placed joke and have caused an irreparable rift between us. But that is a story for another day.





I still maintain that it was a good joke.

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