Dumb things I did on Saturday night.

On Saturday night I…

  • Forgot to eat dinner (possibly in part due to the fact that I only had crackers and Apple Cider for lunch.  Also possibly a large part of the cause of the ensuing dumb stuff)


  • Insisted my new friends all play Slap Cup, but then refused to let them slap their own cups.  I may have control issues.


  • Attempted to converse with a dog in German.  I don’t speak German.  But somehow I figured out enough German in order to ask the dog in German “Do you speak Dog?”  (“Sprechen Sie Hund?”)



  • Applied for multiple jobs teaching English in Korea because I was furious that no one would let me listen to Kpop


  • Downloaded and signed up for Kakao Talk (which is apparently the Korean version of Line/Whatsapp).
    • Clearly I was anticipating needing Kakao talk in order to be able to communicate with all the new pals I will immediately have in Korea when I get all of the jobs that I applied for…
    • Judging by the sheer quantity of emails and text messages from Kakao Talk on my phone, signing up was an incredibly arduous process — So I don’t really want to delete it after it took so much effort to sign up in the first place!





  • Tried to email the Spanish Embassy in Wellington to let them know that I would be returning to Spain in the near future (luckily I was stopped by my friend, for which I will be forever grateful)


  • Messaged a person that I barely know saying “OMG FACEBOOK FACEBOOK“.  Then tried to trick myself into thinking that I hadn’t done this by deleting the message from my inbox.  Unfortunately, Sober Me remembered everything.  Also unfortunately, I am not confident that this is the only message I sent.




  • Somehow found the aforementioned person on Facebook and added them as a friend.  Then I realised that I don’t know him well enough, that this could only possibly be interpreted as creepy, and quickly rescinded my invitation.  But the problem is that I have no concept of the amount of time that passed between me sending the invite and deleting the invite.
    • There is a slim chance that this happened within 5 minutes or less.  If this was the case then I am glad because chances are he wouldn’t have seen it.
    • It was potentially several hours between friend request/un-friend request, meaning that he almost definitely saw it and now knows that I am insane enough to have found him on Facebook.



  • Sent this amazing email out to as many people in my address book as I could find.  I signed it with a Unicorn emoji.




  • Sent an audio recording of myself eating a cracker to a friend on the other side of the world.  Because for some reason I thought that they urgently needed to hear a recording of myself eating a cracker.


  • Instagrammed this photo while attempting to spend the night on a trampoline in a campground.  It was too cold for me to be out there very long.


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All in all it was a fairly uneventful but pleasant evening.  I met a girl who read our Unicorn Oracle Cards.  My reading was overwhelmingly positive.

Blogging about this saves me from trying to convince my future progeny and all my descendants that I wasn’t a total hooligan.  I was in bed by 10.30pm and asleep by midnight (after sending out all of my South Korean job applications).


If I ever get up to any raucous or actually interesting antics, I will let you know…




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