I take terrible travel photos.

Honestly, they’re really really bad…

I can pretty much guarantee that anyone who has social media has one of those friends that seems to travel to the most magnificent places on the globe and take amazing photographs of their experiences.

Either they seem to be incredibly talented closet-photographers, or they somehow demonstrate the sort of creativity that leaves you in awe of what sort of experiences they must be having out there in the world.  I know that you know what sort of photograph I am talking about – the sort of photograph that makes you wonder what sort of antics your friends are getting up to on their adventures. 

Sometimes they aren’t even your friend at all.  Sometimes they are simply one of those instagram personalities who seems to be landing in a new and exotic location everyday and showing it off in their enviable newsfeeds.

Their photographs incite wanderlust and spark the imagination.  They make you wonder “why was she not eaten by that shark?” or “how did he get on top of that yak?”.

They make you want to go out there and experience the world for yourself.

Personally, I am not one of those people. 

Sure, I have visited some pretty cool places — I would even argue that having visited my 30th country at the age of 25 is the only real goal that I have ever achieved.  But somehow that hasn’t magically transformed me into a photographer.

I could excuse myself and claim that I lack the proper equipment, but that is a fairly poor excuse.  There are people in this world with less who take better pictures than I do with an iPhone and a point-and-shoot. 

Usually I either forget to take photos at all; or I walk around snapping thousands of pictures of every little moment, somewhat panicked that if I don’t take a picture of it then it didn’t really happen.  And because I put no thought into any of the photographs, this latter strategy often results in two things:

  1. I spend so much time looking at the world through the screen of my device that I forget to actually experience the moment and the world around me, and
  2. I end up burdened with so many thousands of average photos of each journey that I end up far too intimidated to ever go back and revisit them.

Nevertheless, I remain optimistic that I will one day find the right balance between quantity and quality.

I shall now share with you some of my failed attempts at taking “cool” and “awesome” and “awe-inspiring” travel photographs from this one time that I visited Morocco a while ago…

When I visited the Sahara Desert it was a life-long dream of mine achieve an arty-farty photograph where I leap into the air and sail over a desert sand dune, but instead I face planted into the sand and rolled down the hill.  This photograph was the best that I could manage 😦

It turns out that I desperately lack the athleticism required for jumping photographs.  I was too tired to climb back up the sand dune and try again.  The photos make them look much flatter than they actually are.

Here are my arms in the air in from of our camp for the night

Our transport out to the camp…



Here I awkwardly walk towards the camera in front of the gates to the Medina in Meknes.  I look like I am limping but in real life I do not limp.

I never know what to do with my hands so I have chosen to fling them so far back that it creates the optical illusion that I actually have very small and stumpy arms.








This is an attempt at a panorama picture of the roman ruins at Volubilis.  I have since titled it the “panorama disaster” and it has become one of my favourite games.

This is a cat inside a kasbah in Rabat.  I don’t know why I took this photo.  Maybe I just like cats?

This is a photo of the Mosque in Casablanca.  I don’t know why the photo is on an angle, but in my defence I didn’t take the photo.  However, the awkward placing of my hands does also seem to reflect my confusion at why the camera has been tilted on an angle (I never know what to do with my hands in photos).

I tried to take a selfie with the mosque in Casablanca.  But I only managed to get the very tip of the mosque in the frame…

This photo is in black and white?  I don’t know how that happened.  I cannot operate my own camera.














This is the top half of the gates to the medina in Fes, Morocco.  For some reason I decided that I only wanted a photograph of the top half and not of the whole thing…

Unsure of where to place my hands (a common theme), I have tentatively reached up to touch the door handle.

Now I stare at the gate.  Because looking at the camera and smiling would be too obvious…

Photobombed by Barcelona supporters in Jma el fna in Marrakech, Morocco.

Making a cupping gesture with my hand in front of the mosque in Casablanca.  Another fine example of me not knowing what to do with my hands in photographs.

I took a photo of my jandals in the snow as we crossed the Atlas Mountains.  In order to take this photo I had to remove my jandals and stand in the snow in bare feet.  It was mildly painful, but I pretended that I was not in pain to impress my cohorts.

Sweet window.

Overexposed selfie failure.  Fes, Morocco.















I was going for “Roman goddess” but what I actually got was “being choked by my own scarf“.

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