What is a Blog?

The other day I heard someone refer to an “online blog” and it got me thinking.

What exactly is an “online” blog? 

If a blog is not online then is it still a blog?

If it’s not online then what you are referring to is actually just a newsletter.

Think of all the many, many people in this world who are regularly getting on the internet and writing themselves a blog.  Then imagine all of those same people mailing out newsletters weekly, daily, or possibly even more often.  Now things are starting to get mind boggling very quickly.

Rainforests would be demolished in moments just to provide the paper.

Mailboxes would be the size of houses.

Or perhaps the equivalent of a blog that’s not online is more like a public noticeboard. If that’s the case then an offline blogger must be someone who writes down their stream of consciousness and pins it up on the public noticeboard.  And the comment section, which is normally full of people who want to add their two cents, actually requires people to spend two cents on ink and a post-it note to pin to the public board.

But what about online forums?

If newsletters are offline blogs, then what happens when you take an online forum offline?

Is an offline forum just an actual forum?

Is it a meeting?

Or is it just a conversation?

At what point does a conversation become a meeting?

At what point does a meeting become a conversation?

Maybe an offline blog isn’t a newsletter. 

Maybe there is no offline equivalent to a blog ,and a blog that isn’t an online blog is not a blog at all.

Maybe a rose that isn’t a rose wouldn’t by any other name smell as sweet…

By Amy

p.s. Look at my bitmoji.  Isn’t she cute?

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