Hey Leann

Oftentimes in my life I meet people and then I immediately lose contact with them.

Actually, that’s not strictly correct.

I frequently lose contact with all people because I’m really really bad at keeping in contact with people that I don’t see pretty darn regularly.

But I recently lived in Spain for a couple of years and while I was there I managed to collect some pretty good pals.  So rather than try to keep in contact via more traditional means (such as missed phone calls and prearranged skype dates for obscene hours of the day/night as we try to coordinate timezones), my former flatmate Leann and I decided that we would communicate via YouTube videos.  Because, let’s face it, making videos is a lot of fun.  Even though either of us is only capable of fairly poor quality videography and possess extremely limited editing skills – it’s still a lot of fun.

Obviously as soon as we each left the country we promptly got too busy and forgot.

But finally I have fulfilled my promise with what turned out to be an exceedingly awkward and weird video updating Leann on what I’ve been up to since we parted ways.

I called it “Hey Leann”.

I now await her reply….




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