When everyday tasks go wrong…

Are you ever struck down by the complete and utter failure of a system or series of tasks that should run like clockwork?  Or something that you accomplish on such a regular basis that it should, by now, be second nature?

Nearly every night and nearly every morning for the  last 26 years I have brushed my teeth.  Brushing my teeth is then followed, quite predictably, by rinsing and subsequent spitting.

Rinse and spit. 

So simple that a child can do it.  In fact, millions of children do do it.  Everyday.  More than once.  Hopefully.

Yet somehow I, at 26 years old, got it very very wrong at the dentist today.

The rinsing part went okay, but for some reason when I leaned over the little sink to my left something went wildly awry and I spat the mysterious green liquid all down my front.

At 26 years old – an allegedly fully fledged adult by society’s standards – I sat in the dentists chair and spat all over myself.  And not just a small but of dribble either, it was a whole mouthful of liquid.

I then followed this up with a surprised sounding exclamation of “Oh!”.

Unfortunately I was at the dentist for a routine check, meaning that I didn’t even have the luxury of blaming a numbed or anaesthetised mouth.  I’d just plain failed miserably for no viable reason at all.

Great.  Classic me.

The dentist and his assistant repeatedly assured me that it was fine and that it was quite alright, but as far as they knew, this was just a one-off occurrence of incompetence as opposed to a recurring theme in my life.

On the plus side, my teeth appear to be in good health.

So there is that…


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