Finding Rainbows in Dark Times

This is a story of survival.

It is also a story of epiphanies and revelations – though mostly it is a story of survival because life can be harsh and cruel sometimes and you just have to do whatever you can to get out the other end of it alive.

This morning I woke up and found myself on my friend’s couch.  It was dark, it was cold outside, and I was hungry.  Stronger men than I have been in my shoes and found themselves broken.

Awakening my friend to demand food was not an option due to reasons related to common decency.  Leaving her house to return to my own was also not an option due to the aforementioned temperature-related reasons.  Taking matters into my own hands and rifling through the fridge in search of food was out too because it would require me to pry my body from the hearty clutches of the couch. Also, I knew the fridge to be empty due to the impending departure of my friend on an out-of-town trip.

In other words, there wasn’t any food left.

So I did what I had to do to survive.

I turned to my handbag and rifled through it with a veracity unbeknownst to me before I found myself in this unfortunate and life-threatening situation.  It was a race against time before the effects of starvation, exposure, and eventual death set in.

But my search was not in vain.

I emerged from the depths of my red Longchamp Le Pliage large nylon tote bag a success.  I went in a defeated soul without a hope of finding sustenance, and returned to the light victorious amidst a storm of celebratory fist pumping.

I had found a long forgotten Nerds Rope.

Like many women on this earth I cart around a lot of crap with me in my bag on a daily basis, most of it ultimately destined for disposal.  But sometimes, buried in all of this crap, you find a gem.  A little ray of light that gets you through the dark times in your life.  At this time, in this moment, that Rainbow Nerds Rope was my saviour.

Of course, afterwards I immediately realised that I am 26 years old and that Nerds Rope is not an appropriate thing to have for breakfast on a Sunday morning.

Actually, it’s not an appropriate thing to have for breakfast at any age.  At 26, however, I would have thought that I would have my life together a little bit more.

Turns out I was wrong.  But that’s ok because rainbows exist to make everything better.

And by that I mean Rainbow Nerd Ropes.



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